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G&D was founded in 2013 by a group of experienced educators and operators of kindergartens in Hong Kong. We aspire to make learning fun for children and their families. 

Fencing has always been her past time and strength, hence she wanted to spread the fun. She was the captain of her alma mater's fencing team, qualifying members to participate in the NCAA tournaments. At G&D, children start young with basics, and are trained by former and current Hong Kong Fencing representatives.

G&D understands education doesn't belong exclusively in school; we take it with us, we make it portable. 

Back in the days, it really wasn’t easy finding a space in Hong Kong where kids could play, run around and enjoy sporting events. That is why, through mutual effort and a shared dream, we managed to establish our very own fencing venue.  G&D Academy Fencing aims to establish a sports ground for children. 



Founded by experienced educators in Hong Kong, G&D strives to reach out to children from all walks of life and provide them with affordable and quality education. G&D學院由一群對教育有熱誠,並對經營幼兒園有豐富經驗的人士成立。 我們將致力把活動教學及奇趣學習等優質教育的新理念,傳遞到社會的每個階層,包括基層、低收入和弱勢群體,為教育他們的下一代打下堅實的基礎。


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